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KEYNOTE ADDRESS: How Mobile is Shaping Retailer and Merchants Businesses Globally - How do you deliver growth in a difficult and competitive market?

As consumers shift their search and shopping to "phablet commerce", the battle for mindshare is intense. Who are your mobile shoppers? Insights on the mobile user experience and what it would take to bring online commerce to the next level..

Gilles Boitard, Strategic Partner Leader, Partner Business Solutions for SEA, Google

Join us for an exciting time of discussion on the industry's trends and developments as it deliberates opportunities and challenges of mobile, as the disruptor of existing business models! 




Leverage the Mobile Channel to Drive Your Customers to the Point of Sale, with increased user engagement, building greater trust in your brand promise and gaining greater profitability with increased spend. Join e-Retailers, Brands, Merchants and key players in E-Commerce, Mobile-Commerce, Mobile Payments, Mobile Appd and Mobile VAS services providers in this exciting event. Listen to successful strategies to deliver growth in a competitive marketplace!

In taking e-commerce to the next level, where mobile commerce is the game changer, the stakes are high and so your development of the right strategy to leverage this new platform is crucial, while making the right and smart decisions along the way. Consumers are showing major shifts in search and buying behaviour with more willingness to buy online and on the move, the fact of which is fundamental drivers for retailers to jump onto this bandwagon fast & furious. 

Be an early adopter and seize the opportunity to drive billions of dollars through your mobile channel. This event will showcase what the successful retailers and brands are doing with their strategy and technology approaches. Featuring CASE STUDIES and Keynote Panel discussions to address priority issues and assess key opportunities in expanding into new markets and maximizing on existing markets!

Get the LATEST updates and developments from these rising giants in the region! 

Attend this forward thinking conference to:

  • Understand the disruptive changes in the mobile commerce ecosystem and why mobile has become the main channel to reach and expand to new markets
  • Uncover new opportunities from the millions of consumers using the mobile platform to search and buy products
  • Learn new business models deployed, with the right technology platforms to build your mobile commerce strategy and leverage on social commerce to better engage your consumers
  • Build your mobile website and mobile apps to ensure it fits with your customers in reaching more of them
  • Get a clearer understanding of the investments costs and ROI
  • Collaborate and network with peers to build better solutions and explore new opportunities in partnership

Voices of Industry: Ask the Experts in the Industry...

Agus pixsmall            

What could be the next big thing in mobile e-commerce?

"Anything that could trigger instant and impulse decisions. Auctions, pre-ordering, eTicketing, Daily Deals and Group buys will be big things of Mobile Commerce..."

Agus Tjandra, CEO, Lojai.com         

Ewan pixsmall

Which countries are delivering the best business today via mobile? Which show the best potential for the future?

"We see excellent conversions in mobile in Korea and Singapore which are well connected and consumers are getting used to booking by mobile. In regard to the future, you have to look to the markets with high populations such as India, China and Indonesia, interestingly in these 3 markets many consumers' first access to the internet will be through a mobile device"

Ewan Gray, Regional Director, Skyscanner 

David pixsmall 

How does m-Commerce (m-retail) differ from e-commerce (e-retail)?

"Fundamentals such as eDM, product page. etc have to be simplified for m-commerce. However, the new trend is "multi-screen" with customer accessing the mobile phone/tablet and notebook/PC to complement each other....."

David Lee, Head of eTailers & Social Commerce, Asia Pacific, Dell Global BV

Listen to our expert panel of speakers as they provide greater insights and thoughts to these questions and more....

Executives Attending will Include:

Chief Marketing Officer / Head of Digital Marketing / Head of e-Commerce / Head of Online Marketing / Head of Strategic Marketing / Head of Multi-Channel / Omni Marketing / Head of Social Media / SEO/SEM Manager / Head of Information Technology / Operation Management / CEO/COO/CMO/CTO/CCO / Chief Information Officer / Head of Supply Chain & Logistics / Head of Customer Service & Call Centre / Directors of E-Commerce & Mobile Commerce, Mobile Payments, Mobile VAS, Mobile Apps, Mobile Advertising and Marketing and Business Development Directors

Industry Sector – Retailers & Brand Owners, Technology providers and e-commerce professionals (including e-commerce, mobile e-commerce, mobile payments, payment gateways, mobile platforms, mobile apps, HTML5 developers, security solutions etc).



Program - DAY ONE (9 July 2013)

**Program is accurate at time of publishing. Organiser reserves all rights to make content changes where necessary and where there are any speaker movements.


7.50 AM - 8.50 AM

Registration and Refreshments


 8.50 AM – 8.55 AM

Introduction and Informal Speed Networking: Meet fellow delegates and exchange business cards


 8.55 AM – 9.10 AM

Welcome Address from Chairman

Mobile E-Commerce is the Future – Why Mobile is the Critical Channel of Future Commerce      

NELSON WEE, Managing Director, SK Planet Southeast Asia


 9.10 AM – 9.30 AM

Keynote Address - How Mobile is Shaping Retailer and Merchants globally – How do you deliver growth in a difficult and competitive market?

In addition to e-commerce operations, with the added fierce competition for millions of “buy anywhere, anytime” ready consumers, the heat is on for retailers to make the needed changes to cater to the new shifts of consumer buying. As consumers shift their research and shopping to “phablets” commerce (smartphones and tablets), the fight for mindshare and market share becomes intense.

This keynote will provide the latest understanding on:

  • Who is your mobile shopper?
  • The case for the mobile e-commerce channel
  • Bridging the in-store mobile user experience

GILLES BOITARD, Strategic Partner Leader, Partner Business Solutions, SEA, Google




9.30 AM – 10.00 AM

Mobile E-Commerce, the game changer for omni-channel strategy - How to best engage and retain your most profitable customers




10.00 AM – 10.30 AM

Morning Refreshments & networking

Let us help speed connect you with the right persons you wish to meet – just ask us!



10.30 AM – 11.20 AM

Keynote Panel - Delivering Growth & ROI in the face of competition. Keynote Panel will address many key priorities and approaches to removing the current hurdles faced by merchants integrating technology on the mobile front. Each panel member will provide their respective insights from their understanding of the mobile commerce opportunity.

  • What makes mobile a critical channel for today’s consumers? Is it mainly for shoppers of fashion and travel or is it across all product groups? Do we really need to invest now or wait and see?
  • Which countries are delivering the best business today via mobile, which show the best potential for the future
  • What are some key trends observed in personalization and data analytics?
  • What products (luxury vs. inexpensive) are customers buying via the mobile channel? What are the trends?
  • What are some of the best ways to approach user experiences when it comes to bridging online and offline shopping that will result in more sales and profits?
  • How can brands target sales more effectively?
  • When do you choose to use mobile to tap into a market?
  • What is the case for mobile Web vs. native app? Which way is best?
  • What are some major tips for optimizing for mobile? Who has been successful with this and what can we learn?
  • What proportion of today’s e-tailers sales are on mobile?
  • Honestly, what is the true potential of mobile for your products?
  • How do you organize your company resources to cater for mobile e-commerce?
  • How best to integrate technology for optimization across platforms?
  • Some thoughts on mobile optimisation investments and costs versus revenue loss trade-offs, some case in points
  • What are the key issues in m-payments that have been resolved / or yet to resolve that would remove barriers to entry? Issues relating to regional payments/policies and the heated battle for customers
  • What are your views / experience on deriving real value and ROI from using social commerce to build better engagements and user experiences?

Moderator: NELSON WEE, Managing Director, SK Planet Southeast Asia


  • AGUS TJANDRA, Founder of “Method in Online Installment” by Credit Card & CEO, Lojai.com
  • MAXIMILIAN BITTNER, Founder and CEO, Lazada (Rocket Internet GmbH)
  • PATRICK LINDEN, CEO and Founder, Dealguru Holdings Pte Ltd
  • KUNAL BAHL, CEO and Founder, Snapdeal.com
  • CHRIS FENG, Co-Founder, Zalora.com
  • ROGER E. EGAN III, Co-Founder & CEO, RedMart.com
  • GOH YIPING, CEO, AllDealsAsia.com



11.20 AM – 11.50 AM

Connecting the Dots between Interest-based Media, M-Commerce, and Impulse Purchase

  • Interest-based Media + Mobile Commerce as the new lifestyle
  • Factors that affect the mobile user purchase path
  • Optimizing the shopping experiences for shoppers on Mobile
  • Upcoming opportunities and challenges for the industry




11.50 AM – 12.20 PM

How Social has changed digital media consumption and how Twitter is enabling brands to communicate with these consumers

Social media has completely changed the way consumers access content. It has brought an ever changing world closer than ever before and allowed users to access, share and influence opinions, intent and habits on a scale that is literally changing the lives of everyday people

  • Twitter's unique combination of mobile access, large reach, and short messaging is making it the way people everywhere connect instantly to what's most important to them
  • The impact this brave new world has had on the way in which brands need to communicate in the social media space
  • How the international roll-out of Twitter's promoted product suite is enabling brands to achieve their marketing goals
  • Examples and case studies of brands communicating on the platform to achieve specific marketing goals

MATT SUTTON, Managing Director, Komli Engage 



12.20 PM - 1.45 PM

Networking Lunch Break and Making Meaningful Connections



Strategies on Delivering Real Value on Mobile E-Commerce - Listen from Leading Brands and Successful Rising Giants in Asia


Afternoon Chairman


STEWART HUNTERVP Business Development APAC Somo and representing Mobile Alliance


1.45 PM – 2.15 PM

Brand Owner/Merchant - Case Study

Region: India case study – What is the potential for going mobile?

  • How do we see our business in terms of market size going from e-commerce to m-commerce? Is m-commerce expected to exceed online purchases in future?
  • Unique features of our business in India
  • Who are our customers? And how many can be tapped into via the mobile channel?
  • Going mobile for our market
  • Mobile specific navigation tools to discover assortment with minimum steps
  • Convenient and secured payment options
  • Reach and design for over 18K different kind of devices
  • Highly optimized to load content for 2G and 3G connections at faster speed

KUNAL BAHL, CEO and Founder, Snapdeal.com, India



2.15 PM – 2.45 PM

Brand Owner/Merchant - Case Study

Region: Indonesia case study - Key trends & issues going from e-commerce to m-commerce

  • How do we see mobile e-commerce in the current and future for us?
  • What are some of the technology considerations faced and the necessary investments?
  • Inclusion of social commerce
  • Investing in personalization
  • Mobile strategy, supporting on mobile platforms
  • Our pioneering work on a payment model that works for our market in Indonesia
  • The way we view the value of content, use of augmented reality in our channels, and how we wield data intelligence as way forward to increasing sales?

AGUS TJANDRA, Founder and CEO, Lojai.com, Indonesia



2.45 PM – 3.15 PM

Brand Owner/Merchant - Case Study

Singapore Market – What is our strategy for mobile e-commerce

  • The uniqueness of our market, market size and locale and our loyal customers – what do they expect from our business and how has our business model delivered
  • What is our approach in reaching multi-device consumers and how do we ensure we work consistency into all platforms for a heightened & highly customized user experience?
  • Making senses of this T-commerce & M-commerce boom and how we are tapping into this\
  • Key trends and developments as we see it
  • Going forward – tips on drawing in the “buy anytime, anywhere lifestyle” of the next generation “mobile” consumers – where were some of the considerations we made?

ROGER E. EGAN III, Co-Founder & CEO, RedMart.com



3.15 PM – 3.45 PM

Afternoon Refreshments and Networking

Let us help speed connect you with the right persons you wish to meet - just ask us!



Using social data to close the gap between what a customer wants and what a customer gets


3.45 PM – 4.15 PM

Delivering Real Value – Social Media and Analytics

Using social media analytics to understand and influence consumer buying behaviour

KELLY CHOO, Co-Founder, Brandtology



Exploring breakthroughs and various models of mobile payments systems and technology for appropriateness and for better and secured user experiences on the mobile platforms, from smartphones to tablet

4.15 PM - 4.45 PM

Successful Internet and Mobile Commerce through futuristics Payment Technologies -

Mobile Payments – Adapting Technology

  • Payment through Mobile App or Mobile Website?
  • Mobile Friendly Payment Page
  • eCommerce - Mobile Wallet or Mobile Payment?
  • Payment during Advertising or Social Mobile Campaigns
  • Common mistakes of Mobile eCommerce Payments
  • Security in Mobile eCommerce Payments
  • Tips to improve Sale Conversion in Mobile Websites
  • Third factor authentication during Mobile Payments

VIVEK SAGAR,Managing Director, Emvantage Payments Private Ltd



4.45 PM – 5.15 PM

Mobile Marketing and the role mobile product is playing within the shopping experience

STEWART HUNTER, VP Business Development APAC Somo and representing Mobile Alliance



5.15 PM

End of Day One

To register and attend, please email us at reg@asher-russell.com or register online today!





Program - DAY TWO (10 July 2013)


8.20 AM – 9.10 AM

Morning refreshments



9.10 AM – 9.20 AM

Day 2 Opening Remarks from Chairman

Taking the right technological approach in designing a multi-channel mobile strategy Managing Mobile E-Commerce Platforms and Delivering a Positive ROI



Driving Revenue Up and Putting the Personal Back into Mobile E-Commerce


9.20 AM – 9.50 AM

Brand Owner/Merchant - Case Study

How being “right” to market is a better strategy than “first” to reach the consumer market. How we view building the right business and making personal connections with our customers is of prime importance in this business?

  • How do you get the most out of your investments?
  • How are consumers interacting with apps / mobile e-commerce sites? And what is the relation to matching buyers’ preferences?
  • Making a global brand local to a region, what it takes to make it successful?

MAXIMILIAN BITTNER, Founder and CEO, Lazada (Rocket Internet GmbH)

RICCARDO BASILE, Co-Founder, Lazada (Rocket Internet GmbH)



Views and Approach to App Management and Optimization


9.50 AM – 10.20 AM

Brand Owner/Merchant - Case Study

Travel Business – What has mobile become a critical channel for air travel research/purchase? What are the issues in growing a mobile e-commerce business?

  • Investments in user experience: why and how
  • Making your app work at lower bandwidths (important for Asia)
  • Some examples of delivering an engaging native mobile app experience
  • Native App Versus HTML
  • Usability and App Ratings
  • Managing platforms to deliver results
    • What Platforms – i.e. BB10 Windows 8 do they matter?
  • Frequency of use and higher value transactions
    • How and when people are using travel apps
    • Intermediary apps and supplier apps
    • User Loyalty programs
  • How we have succeeded in driving app downloads – short case study
    • Making your app visible
  • Where next?
    • Seamless consumer experience – how to do it best?

EWAN GRAY, Regional Director, Skyscanner



10.20 AM – 10.50AM

Morning Refreshments and Speed Networking

Let us help speed connect you with the right persons you wish to meetjust
ask us!


10.50 AM – 11.20 AM

Brand Owner/Merchant - Case Study

Electoronics/IT Products Business–M-Commerce for SOLOMOCO (Social Location based Mobile Commerce)

The first thought of mobile commerce is about mobile phone? This presentation will expound on SoLoMo and key insights on the Dell approach with social media, location based mobile commerce for end to end customer purchase experience from shop floor, kiosks, laptop, tablet and mobile phone.

DAVID LEE, Head, eTailers & Social Commerce, Asia Pacific, Dell Global BV



11.20 AM – 12.00 PM

Brand Owner/Merchant - Case Study

Fashion Business Hallmarks of successful fashion e-tailing & m-tailing in sync with today’s fashion consumers in the face of the exciting shift in consumer dynamics of buy anytime, anywhere trend.

  • Leveraging on the accelerating purchasing power of “mobile” female shoppers in Asia
  • What can we glean from the behaviour patterns, buying habits and motives of young female fashion shoppers in Asia?
  • Some insights on strategies and insights for mobile e-commerce as channel for marketing to fashion buyers
  • What are some of the issues and challenges in marketing to Asian women
  • How will moving into a mobile strategy for e-commerce impact the way these female shoppers access info and pricing, and eventually in making a purchase?

JENNIFER CHENG, CEO and Founder, Glam-It!

KATHY KOK, Brand Manager, Glam-It!



12.00 PM – 1.45 PM

Networking Lunch Break and Meaningful Connections

We’d be pleased to connect you with the right persons you wish to meet just ask us!



What do customers expect from the mobile experiences? How do we deal with “touch and feel product” experience?


1.45 PM – 2.15 PM

Brand Owner/Merchant - Case Study

CASE STUDY: 10 hot mobile commerce trends to watch  

  • How is mobile e-commerce integrated into the overall mobile/omni-strategy channel marketing mix?
  • How do we deal with consumers “touch and feel product” necessity where our products are concerned and how do we deliver that experience over the mobile e-commerce channel and integrating that with the overall shopping experience? (both online and offline)

DAVE SLOAN, Head of Product, Bubble Motion



2.15 PM – 2.45 PM

Reviewing key issues and concerns for payments in mobile e-commerce platforms and ecosystems

  • Key considerations for mobile payments for shoppers using iPads vs. Smartphones vs. other tablet forms.
  • Questions like device size and systems – how will they impact on mobile payments? Does screen size matter? (covering the issues on tablet size and payment efficiencies, hurdles etc)
  • How do we address these varieties of device systems and their specific issues when it comes to payment matters?
  • Various payments scenarios using mobile devices mPOS, NFC (physical payments) payment at Mobile optimized website, and in-app purchase (mobile e-commerce)
  • How in each of these cases, how does it impact the retailer’s business?
  • Examining the ecosystem of each of the above, and pro-cons and timing of the above technologies
  • Percentage of purchase via mobile device ( around 15% in general, survey to be done)
  • Difference between mobile-optimized and in-app mobile e-commerce.
  • Is in-app overlooked? Or is not the right method to entice customer buy over mobile?
  • Expanding mobile reach via partnerships and partner applications business

LIM KOK HING, Executive Director, iPay88.com



2.45 PM – 3.15 PM

Afternoon Refreshments and Networking

Let us help speed connect you with the right persons you wish to meet - just ask us!



3.15 PM – 3.45 PM

How to Succeed in Mobile Financial Services by Building a Trusted Brand

How is it that some players have flourished in the mobile space, while others have floundered? One common denominator found among the winners, especially those who deliver banking and payment services, is their solid grasp of the trust factor. Join us in this session for actionable insight on:

  • The direct relationship between consumer trust and adoption of your product
  • Things that build and erode trust and what start-ups often overlook
  • Case study: balancing security and usability
  • How to propagate trust across your partner ecosystem
  • Best practices for product and process development

TOM WILLS, Director, Ontrack Advisory Group



3.45 PM – 4.15 PM

What media traders can learn from the money markets

  • How direct market access is changing CPA (cost per action) based advertising
  • The role of data and why just enough is better than just in case
  • Conflicts of interests and how buyers can minimize them
  • Removing risk from CPA buying and why algorithms will win
  • Why consumers care more about trust than privacy
  • The next 5 years and how to stay ahead of the competition




4.15 PM – 4.45 PM

Final Panel Discussion - Growing your customer base

  • Strategic goggles - More insights for driving your multi-screen mobile marketing and e-commerce campaign
  • Do we use mobile as a branding platform or should we use it as a direct tool?



4.45 PM

Closing Remarks & End of Conference





Our current confirmed speakers:

  • Agus Tjandra, Founder and CEO, Lojai.com, Indonesia
  • Chris Feng, Co-Founder, Zalora.com
  • Dave Sloan, Head of Product, Bubble Motion
  • David Lee, Head, eTailers & Social Commerce, Asia Pacific, Dell Global BV
  • Ewan Gray, Regional Director, Skyscanner
  • Jennifer Cheng, Founder and CEO, Glam-It!
  • Kathy Kok, Brand Manager, Glam-It!
  • Gilles Boitard, Strategic Partner Leader, Partner Business Solutions for SEA, Google
  • Goh Yiping, CEO, AllDealsAsia.com
  • Kelly Choo, Co-Founder, Brandtology
  • Kunal Bahl, CEO and Founder, Snapdeal.com, India
  • Leo Ku, CEO, Viss
  • Lim Kok Hing, Executive Director, iPay88.com
  • Matt Sutton, Managing Director, Komli Engage
  • Mikko Kotila, Founder & CEO, Digital Media Science, STATSIT
  • Maximilian Bittner, Founder and CEO, Lazada (Rocket Internet GmbH)
  • Nelson Wee, Managing Director, SK Planet Southeast Asia
  • Patrick Linden, MD and Co-Founder, DealGuru Holdings, Singapore
  • Riccardo Basille, Co-Founder, Lazada (Rocket Internet GmbH)
  • Roger Egan, Co-Founder and CEO, Redmart
  • Stewart Hunter, VP Business Development, Somo 
  • Tom Wills, Director, Ontrack Advisory Group
  • Vivek Sagar, Managing Director, Emvantage Payments Private Ltd
       Speakers Profile


Agus Tjandra

CEO Lojai.comand Founder of “Method in Online Installment” by Credit Card

Agus Tjandra is the Founder of “Method in Online Installment by Credit Card” & CEO Lojai.com. Previously, he was working with Kenematsu, one of the top 5 largest Japanese trading company and spent 9 years in the business. Agus is founder of Lojaicom, which is owned by PT. Agnaprosperindo Abadi, and specializing in the field of modern marketing concepts. In 2009, the first online shopping in Indonesia with the most comprehensive payment system was constructed, www.pasarkredit.com Agus is also the founder of online shopping with credit card installments (verified and awarded by MURI ). Lojai became the first eCommerce Retailer in Indonesia using 3D Secure Code (October 2011). Is also the recipient of several awards: The Best Seller in Catalog Sales from BII in 2008 (Private Brand); The Greatest Appreciation for Retail eCommerce from BII as representative VISA/Master Credit Card and World Record from MURI 'Belanja Online Pertama dengan fasilitas Cicilan Kartu Kredit' in 2012.

Agus is well recognized in the industry and was nominated as Inspiring Local eCommerce Icon in the MarkBiz Magazine, Edition 01 Jan 2013. He has a Bachelor of Management Information System degree.



“It’s not a mistake if you don’t start eCommerce 5 years ago….but a mistake if you leave it 5 years from now” – Agus Tjandra                                                                                                                                                                                                      






Chris Feng

Co-Founder, ZALORA.sg

Chris Feng, a new and proud father of an adorable baby girl, chose to start the ZALORA.sg online retail venture, driven by his motivation to lead and create, coupled with the desire to stay close to his family in Singapore.


He previously spearheaded several major management projects in Copenhagen and in Singapore as a jet-setting management consultant with the reputed McKinsey & Company.

His training is rooted in technology, as a graduate of the School of Computing at the National University of Singapore and his experience in a Silicon Valley startup. This, combined with his years of management consulting has led Chris to his place in the sun with ZALORA.sg, where he manages sales, overseeing budgets and measuring returns across South-East Asia – All within the technology arena.

Chris monitors the various marketing teams, ensuring that conversation about ZALORA.sg is constantly buzzing on the social media scene, online advertising platforms and offline editorials. By keeping a close eye on current and upcoming trends and estimating the demand for ZALORA.sg products, the feisty co-founder ensures that he is kept closely connected with Singapore’s style-conscious shoppers.

Despite his unquestionable commitment to the success of the company, his dedication to his family is never compromised. Ever the family man, Chris ensures sufficient work-life balance and never slackens in the fulfilment of his role as a dutiful husband and father.



Dave Sloan

Head of Product, Bubble Motion

Dave is currently head of product at Bubble Motion, a mobile social voice network based in Singapore.  

Previously, Dave has held marketing, strategy, and product management roles at various mobile and ecommerce companies in the US. 

David Lee

Head, eTailers & Social Commerce, Asia Pacific, Dell Global BV

David has over 20 years of experience in the digital industry, covering all aspects of sales, marketing and business development; in the area of product, merchandising, pricing, marcom, PR, alliances, channel, e-loyalty, etc.

David is currently the Head of eTailer & Social Commerce-Dell Asia Pacific Japan. In his tenure, he drives the continual success of Dell.com sales and growing eTailing revenue 100% in the regions. He is a certified trainer, instruction designer and assessor with WDA CETs. Also, he is Dell Social Media & Community and Dell Marketing University ambassador; enabling Dell staff to engage branding & social media with customers confidently and participates proactively in the internal and external communities.

Prior to joining Dell, he was the General Manager of BenQ SEA championing Hub Cities Campaign with Microsoft MSN & large format Courts Superstore. When he was the Head of AMD OEM-APJ and channel marketing-SAP, he pioneer National Grid Centres with Oracles for ISV developers. He has also worked with top notch companies such as Hewlett Packard-APJ and Motorola-APJ.






Ewan Gray

Managing Director APAC Skyscanner

Ewan Gray heads Skyscanner’s Asia Pacific operation from their HQ in Singapore and office in Beijing, having been with Skyscanner for five years and in the online space for over 10 years.

Skyscanner’s primary focus in the Asia Pacific region is driving growth through SEO, SEM, Business Development and traffic acquisition for Skyscanner’s website and mobile products. Skyscanner is a global leader in online travel search, headquartered in Edinburgh, and has experienced rapid growth globally over the past few years.

In 2012, Skyscanner was awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Growth and the company was recently placed at no.17 on the Sunday Times Tech Track 100. 



Jennifer Cheng

CEO and Founder, Glam-It!

Glam-it logo 150 x 80

Jennifer is a passionate player in the world of new internet technology and a veteran of the online media and social space. Her new brand GlamGirl allows her to combine her vast experience with E-Commerce and Social Media with her love of beauty, fashion, and luxury. Jennifer was awarded the title of Most Promising Entrepreneur at the prestigious Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2011 in Hong Kong.

Jennifer is a regular contributor with her own blog featured in the South China Morning Post's Education Post. A successful serial entrepreneur and businesswoman, Jennifer was involved with startups such as StudentAdvantage.com and HotJobs.com (acquired by Yahoo) in the US. In Hong Kong, Jennifer quickly became one of the city’s leading female entrepreneurs in the online space.

She held management positions with industry leaders Darizi and Rackspace Hosting (NYSE: RAX), before taking on the online group buying mantle, first with ubuyibuy (acquired by GROUPON) and then as Queen Bee (aka Vice President) of BEECRAZY- Hong Kong’s group buying leader.

Jennifer's most recent project prior to GlamGirl was co-founding and launching Subscription Commerce leader Glamabox to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and China.

Previously, Jennifer was a former actress and model in the US, with campaigns such as Motorola, Mudd Jeans, and film and television credits such as Saturday Night Live and Conan O’Brien.  She has also won international piano competitions, performing with orchestras and in concerts. Jennifer has an MBA from Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, and a B.A. in International Relations with a minor in Theater from Brown University. 

She also completed the Berkeley University Chinese Language Program at Tsinghua University in Beijing. 


Kathy Kok

Brand Manager, Glam-It!


Kathy has always been passionate about marketing (digital in particular) and eCommerce, and attended HKUST Business School, majoring in Marketing and Management. Prior to GlamGirl, Kathy took up a marketing position at a skincare company, managing the branding and launch of their online store and developing the B2C side of the business. As brand manager at GlamGirl, Kathy helps manage the brand, getting involved with marketing, PR, product research & development, fashion buying and curating, social media management, dealing with vendors, and overseeing the renovation and operations of their new retail store.




Gilles Boitard

Strategic Partner Leader, Partner Business Solutions SEA, Google

Google logo 142x56

Gilles Boitard is Strategic Partner Leader, Partner Business Solutions for SEA. 

Gilles started his professional career by participating to the launch and expansion of a highly successful roommate matching service in New York, NY. Gilles then joined Yahoo! in France where he managed the Display Industry Sales Team, before heading Yahoo! new business development activities where he successfully launched the Yahoo! Display Network.

After Yahoo!, Gilles took various consulting and managing director assignments across Europe to reshape B2C/B2B ecommerce, Travel and lead generation digital strategy. Since joining Google, Gilles has been leading partnerships in the fields of publisher advertising and monetisation across Southeast Asia. In his spare time, Gilles likes to spend time with his family and participates to meet-up with entrepreneurs with whom he can share his passion for the web and advice.



Goh Yiping

CEO, AllDealsAsia.com

Yiping is the Founder and CEO of AllDealsAsia.com, the first deals aggregator site in Singapore and Malaysia. AllDealsAsia also curates its own deals ranging from F&B, Beauty & Wellness, Gadgets, Products and Travel amongst others.

Yiping has been deeply involved in the mobile industry since her first wireless venture in 2003. She was also the Founding & Executive Member of Mobile Alliance Singapore, a non-profit association setup to further the interests of the mobile industry in Singapore.

She has a B. Sc in Real Estate from NUS and a Technology Entrepreneurship Minor from the Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania. 







Kelly Choo

Co-Founder, Brandtology

Kelly was part of the initial planning and development of the Brandtology technology and services, which is recognized as one of the leading online intelligence service providers today. His role in Brandtology is to ensure that the company's products and services give customers and partners the most value possible and to foster mutually beneficial partnerships with people and organizations globally.

He has worked with brands such as P&G, Estee Lauder, Microsoft and various government ministries, etc. along with a number of the global marketing, media, PR, digital agencies as partners. He has been quoted in various media such as the BBC, ZDNet Asia, Channel News Asia, etc on various topics as well as spoken on topics like Social Media Analytics, Conversation Market Research, Measurement, Digital PR, etc.              





Kunal Bahl

Co-Founder & CEO, Snapdeal.com

Kunal manages the strategic vision, key business relationships, fundraising and growth plans for Snapdeal.com. He is an engineer from University of Pennsylvania, with a business degree from The Wharton School and an executive marketing program at Kellogg School of Management. 

Kunal along with Rohit Bansal, started Snapdeal.com in February 2010, and has been instrumental in building it into India’s leading online marketplace, with a wide assortment of products across various categories from thousands of regional, national, and international brands and retailers. With over 18 million members, Snapdeal.com is the shopping destination for internet users across the country, delivering to 4000+ cities and towns in India.

His prior experiences also include product management and business development with Microsoft's emerging markets group, and at Deloitte Consulting as a consultant in the company's telecom practice in New York and Pennsylvania.

He also launched a consumer product brand in the US. Kunal has won many accolades including QVC Consumer Innovation Award for a consumer product company. Kunal is passionate about Financial markets, Cults, Politics and Yoga. He loves reading Travel literature, Business drama, Leonardo da Vinci, and is also extremely fond of backpacking through remote parts of the world.



Leo Ku

CEO, Viss


Leo Ku has 13 years of experience in digital media business, hybrid background in technology (Oracle, Yahoo) + media (Discovery Channel, TVB) + business strategy. Specialize in media & entertainment, Internet and technology, and premium services.

Previously served as regional Director of Strategy and Business Development for Discovery Networks Asia with responsibility for business development, M&A, growth & transformation strategy and new venture formation in Asia. 

Prior to this, Leo served as Head of Business Development for TVB Digital Media, and Asia Pacific Regional Manager of Yahoo! Asia, responsible for new media monetization, Asia and global expansion strategy, deal and business development. 

Other experiences include product development and strategic operations in Oracle, and various consulting and entrepreneurial ventures.

Mr. Ku obtained his Bachelor of Engineering degree from Cornell and Management Masters degree from Stanford University’s Business. 





Lim Kok Hing

Executive Director, iPay88.com



Lim is one of the 3 founders’ team who formed Mobile88 group of companies in the year 2000. Since then, mobile88.com has grown to be the number 1 mobile device portal in Malaysia. It has local versions in each of Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines.  The Indonesian Mobile88 is the only non-English portal. ipay88 was formed in year 2006 by the same founders. It has grown to become the number 1 online payment gateway in Malaysia. It has foot prints in Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore. It’s clients include Groupon, Living Social, Zalora, TGV cinema etc. It also enables Facebook credit top up.

The same group is a business partner of Touch n Go, CIMB bank owned contactless payment provider with more than 4 million cardholders in Malaysia, who use it to make payment for toll road, public transportation and parking fees.

Touch n Go is potentially the main stream NFC-like payment mode in Malaysia in the future. ipay88 is focusing its R&D and marketing effort to ensure its business partners and customers enjoying wonderful mobile purchase and payment experience.


Matt Sutton

Global Managing Director, Komli Engage

Matt Sutton is part of the senior management team at Komli Southeast Asia as well as sitting on the global commercial team. He is currently responsible for leading the “Engage” social media business unit and the “Play” video business across Komli’s global business.

Previous to Komli he was the CEO at Aktiv Digital – one of SEA’s leading ad networks – before he led a management buy-­‐out and the successful integration of that business in to Komli. Although in his early 30's he is considered a media "old hand" with over 10 years of APAC experience spanning print, press, outdoor and of course, digital.

Matt graduated from the London School of Economics with Joint Honors in 2001, before relocating immediately to China to pursue an interest in the economic growth of the Far East.

In China he learnt Mandarin and helped set up a publishing company before going on to run CBS’s sales teams as Commercial Director. He relocated to Singapore in 2007 as part of the team that launched Aktiv Digital in SEA. Matt is a thought leader in the industry and in 2012 he spoke at several conferences as well as contributing numerous articles and opinions for the industry press.

His career highlights to date include the buy-out of Aktiv in 2010 and leading the successful pitch for Twitter to partner with Komli in 2012.

Matt is passionate about the digital space and the Asia region. In his free time he is involved in many sporting activities as well as being a music lover, a writer and a keen traveller.

Mikko Kotila

Founder & CEO,


Over the last 17 years Mikko worked in digital, data and analytics. He developed cutting edge enterprise products for web analytics, search marketing, behavioural targeting and algorithmic media trading. Mikko worked on projects for many of the world's largest advertisers and advertising agencies. His belief is that it's better to do things in ways nobody else is doing them. Even if you're wrong, you can later copy what everyone else is doing.

Native of Finland, Mikko has lived in Asia for 10 years, and he's on mission to make online advertising more transparent, regulated and effective. 



Maximilian Bittner

Founder and CEO, Lazada (Rocket Internet GmbH)

Max is part of the executive team of Lazada.com, a leading regional online department store founded by Rocket Internet in South East Asia. As CEO, Max is responsible for the performance of all 5 operating countries as well as overseeing regional buying.

Max started his career at Morgan Stanley’s Investment Banking division in London. Following his MBA, he joined McKinsey & Company in Germany. Over these 4 years at the firm, Max worked largely with Media and Retail clients as a consultant. During his time at McKinsey, he also joined the private equity firm 3i plc for 6 months on a secondment. 

Max initially joined Rocket Internet in Germany as a regional partner before taking on the role of CEO at Lazada. Max holds a bachelor degree of economics and history from University College London and a MBA degree from Kellogg School of Management in Chicago.

About LAZADA - Lazada is Southeast Asia’s fastest growing online department store, with operations in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. We aim to pioneer eCommerce across some of the fastest growing countries in the world by offering a fast, secure and convenient online shopping experience with a broad product offering in categories ranging from consumer electronics to household goods, toys and sports equipment. Launched in April 2012, we have received investments from JP Morgan, Kinnevik, Summit Partners, Tengelmann Ventures and others to fuel our growth.

About Rocket Internet - Rocket Internet is the leading global Internet startup incubator. Over the past years we have launched some of the most respected Internet companies globally. Some of the best-known ventures include Groupon (CityDeal), eBay (Alando), Jamba, Zalando, Wimdu, Zalora, Home24.






Nelson Wee

Managing Director, SK Planet Southeast Asia


Nelson has 19 years of experience in general management, marketing, product marketing, product management, content marketing, digital channel management in the Asia Pacific region. He has led in developing ancillary channels and managing the go-to-market programs for OTT Internet services, and cross-platform (PC, tablets, smartphones) solution offerings.

Previously from AIMS Lab, Cap Gemini, National Computer Systems, Nokia and SingTel, Nelson is currently the Managing Director, Southeast Asia in SK planet.





Patrick Linden

MD & Co-Founder, Deal Guru Holdings Ltd

Patrick is the co-founder and MD of Dealguru Holdings Pte Ltd, the leading independent ecommerce group in the region. Started 2.5 years ago, the company employs 250 people across 3 countries in the following spaces: Deals, online food delivery and general ecommerce (DEAL/Shop).

Prior to Dealguru, Patrick co-founded the international career site iHipo.com, which was sold to Potentialpark Communications A.B. Patrick holds an MBA from ESB Reutlingen (Germany). He's been an active internet entrepreneur since his university days, building businesses in Germany, India and Singapore 






Riccardo Basile

Co-Founder, Lazada


Riccardo is part of the executive team of Lazada.com, a leading regional online department store founded by Rocket Internet in South East Asia. Riccardo is responsible for leading buying operations in 5 countries, with 100+ buyers on the ground.

Riccardo started his career in Isagro, a publicly listed agrochemical company. Following his MBA, Riccardo worked in Uganda for Technoserve, a pro-bono consulting firm. Subsequently, he joined McKinsey & Company (Milan and London office). Over  3 years at the firm, Riccardo worked largely with leading Retail clients in the Financial Institution and Consumer Goods spaces, as well as with Private Equity clients. 

Riccardo holds a bachelor degree of economics from Bocconi University and a MBA degree from the NYU-Stern School of Business in New York. 


Roger E. Egan III

Co-founder & CEO RedMart

Roger is an experienced entrepreneur that is skilled in assembling, leading, and inspiring talented team members. He co-founded Integro Ltd., an insurance brokerage company – the largest US venture capital deal of 2005. At Integro, he created and launched Hedge Shield®, a new insurance product that protects hedge fund investors against fraud. Roger started his career in investment banking at Bank of America in NY. He then joined Omega Capital, a hedge fund based in Madrid.  PENN undergrad, INSEAD MBA. 

At RedMart, Roger is responsible for vision / strategy, product design (features), PR, recruiting, and fundraising.

Stewart Hunter

VP Business Development, Somo, and representing Mobile Alliance

As VP Business Development, Stewart has been responsible for Somo’s expansion into the APAC region, helping clients make sense of mobile.

Stewart’s career has placed him firmly at the heart of digital marketing, embracing the innovations within the industry. For over a decade his roles have spanned both client and agencies, focusing initially on traditional offline direct marketing, before moving into digital media and mobile.

Starting at Tesco.com, where he built their online advertising team, capabilities and strategy, he has worked with and for some of the biggest brands in the digital space, moving into agency roles at Tradedoubler and The Search Works.

Here he built up the agency retail vertical to become Google’s biggest customer and delivered Europe’s most innovative search campaigns for Interflora, The Net-a-Porter Group, Debenhams and The Carphone Warehouse.


Tom Wills

Director, Ontrack Advisory Group


Tom Wills is an expert in digital trust – the science and art of enabling trusted interactions between human entities (individuals, communities, enterprises and governments) over multiple channels (mobile networks, the Internet, call centers, face-to-face and others). For over three decades he has helped blue chip players including Visa, VeriFone, Intuit, Wells Fargo and Bank of America – as well as multiple startups – to navigate and balance the often opposing forces of security and compliance with speed, usability, and cost-revenue optimization in their businesses.

Wills is a regular speaker and media commentator on the topics of identity and security. He holds a BA degree in International Relations from San Francisco State University as well as CFE and CISSP certifications. Currently based in Singapore, Wills has also lived and worked in the USA, UK, UAE, and Dominican Republic.





Vivek Sagar

Managing Director, EMVANTAGE Payments Private Ltd 


Vivek Sagar, reputed industry leader with over twenty two years of experience and having excellent understanding of Payment Card Technology served MasterCard, Ingenico and Siemens before founding Emvantage. Prior to Emvantage, Vivek started Ingenico in India and successfully launched several creative projects contributing to growth of Payment Card business in India. Respected as a visionary, strategist and team-mentor, Vivek has achieved consistently; fiscal, strategic and operational goals. His ability to translate business concepts into profitable projects, delivering extraordinary results through perfect execution, team – motivation and leadership is widely recognized.

He carries extensive knowledge of Card business, Government and regulatory authorities, Payment solutions for Banking and Retail industry, Mobile Commerce and E Commerce solutions, Business modelling and their profitable implementation. Vivek studied B.E. (Electronics and Communication) during 1987-nd habeen through several courses since than including course on Leadership Management from Leadership Management Inc, USA in 1995.






JOIN THE INDUSTRY DISCUSSIONS. NETWORK AND EXCHANGE VALUABLE IDEAS - This is a great opportunity to meet with senior level professionals who repesent the various stakeholders in the mobile e-commerce ecosystem and value chain.  

Gain greater understanding from the many issues and priority areas to be debated and discussed in this conference.

Listen to the key stakeholders as they share their insights on how you can enhance your customer mobile experience, driving more demand with a successful mobile platform e-commerce strategy. Over 2 days, get the inside stories and valuable tips from social commerce experts & recent implementations of mobile commerce for various products and industries. 

Mobile e-commerce is the next big thing - do not miss out on this bandwagon, take the rights steps forward and ensure a consistent user experience...Join in the discussions and add your voice to the industry, project your insights and perspectives to an interested audience.


Event Partners

Event Partners 


ABOUT-PAYMENTS.com is a freely accessible global source for market data, industry players and business opportunities across the global online payments marketplace. Visitors use the global portal for online payments sourcing, international partnerships, finding investments, jobs and market intelligence.

ABOUT-PAYMENTS.com is an online portal that offers a global overview of all the available Payment Gateways and Payment Methods in the online payments industry. Starting with Europe, but eventually mapping Asia Pacific, Middle-East & Africa and the Americas.

Across the globe, merchants have difficulty finding their preferred payment provider and selecting the payment methods that will help grow their online business. Both on a local and international level, the offer of solutions and providers is extensive and not transparant. ABOUT-PAYMENTS.com aims to create transparency in the global industry of online payments and to act as a mediator between merchants and payment solutions/payment gateways.                                                                                                                                         


E-Commerce Alliance of Singapore is a independent website focused on latest E-Commerce related development, trends and events in Singapore. The objective is to make Singapore a preferred place for regional E-Commerce transactions and grow local merchants’ E-Commerce capabilities.


Maverick China Research provides business-to-business research and market entry services for clients seeking opportunities in China. We are the leading source of research and market strategy in China's electronic payment sector. Our latest market report offerings include Online Payment and E-Commerce in China, and Consumer Payment Trends in China. Visit our website to download a complimentary copy of our newly released China 20/20 Whitepaper: The Future of Mobile Payment in China.

MediaBUZZ aims to make an impact in the Asia Pacific region through its online publication Asian e-Marketing, which is designed to empower marketers in the vibrant, ever-changing, electronic marketing environment. Asian e-Marketing is a pioneer in the region, covering the digital age and zooming in on the increasingly valuable and indispensable tools of today?s marketers ? the Internet and mobile devices. Circulated twice every month to more than 22,000 top management and marketing decision-makers in Asia Pacific, the informative guide supports and advises e-marketers in finding a sound marketing strategy, which is vital for further business success.

For more information:  http://www.mediabuzz.com.sg/asian-emarketing-latest-issue.

To subscribe for your complimentary copy:  http://www.mediabuzz.com.sg/subscription


Mind Commerce focuses on telecommunications (fixed and wireless) and various ICT areas including Internet based infrastructure, commerce, content, and applications. We have been a leading provider of research, consulting, and subscription services within our practice areas for over ten years.










mobiThinking from dotMobi provides everything marketers need to know to help take their brand mobile. Packed with practical advice and insight on mobile Web and mobile marketing from the world’s top practitioners; plus insight into what the future will hold. With practical guides, briefings, interviews, showcase sites, videos, case studies and essential tools all available for ree, mobiThinking is the essential resource for mobile-marketing novices and experts alike. In 2012, there were 808,559 unique visitors to mobiThinking.

Find out more at: http://mobithinking.com






The Paypers (www.thepaypers.com) is the leading independent source of news and analysis for professionals in the global payments industry. Our products are created by payment professionals and cover all significant developments in financial transactions, with a special focus on online payments, online banking, mobile payments, e-invoicing, e-identity and SEPA.

The Paypers targets a very specific readership: the global payments professional. Payments professionals including analysts, CEOs, CFOs, treasurers, business managers, consultants, product managers, business development managers, sales and marketing professionals in over 120 countries already stay up to speed by reading news and analysis by The Paypers.

For more information contact us at info {at} thepaypers.com.






Telecom Uncovered Logo resized


Telecom Uncovered – Inside Telecom New World of Telecom is a website dedicated to provide latest information from Telecom Industry and Industries interlinked to Telecom Industry. We provide news and updates for the following-
- News and Updates on Telecom Vendors & Operators (like Ericsson, ZTE, Huawei, NSN, Vodafone, Airtel etc)
- Mobile Tariff Updates
- Updates regarding technology trends
- Reports on IT, VAS, Telecom and Mobile
- Updates on VAS, IT, Telecom and Gadget Industry
- Updates regarding Telecom Policies (TRAI, COAI etc.)
- Updates regarding Events in Telecom and Technology
- Advertising and Media
Uniqueness of Telecom Uncovered:-
• Inside news from over the globe
• First to upload the information
• Growing day by day
• Audience from Telecom Industry


WirelessDuniya.com is a top media & technology blog that covers all the latest news,reviews,stats,analysis from the shiny and exciting world of Mobile, Internet, Connected/Smart/Social TV, Social , Location & Commerce from India and around the world.

We also cover the latest on Smart Devices, Mobile, TV & Social Apps, Mobile VAS & Entertainment, Smart/Connected/Social TV, Navigation & LBS, Digital Media, Advertising /Augmented Reality, eCommerce,Mobile Commerce, TV Commerce & Social Commerce, Exciting Startups,Innovations,Technologies & Business.



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Industry News Updates

Get our Expert Panel's Views on What's Hot and upcoming for Mobile E-Commerce 2013? What do they think are the most important issues?

We asked our speakers and here are their professional views and perspectives:

What do you think could be the next big thing in mobile e-commerce?

Tom Wills, Director, Ontrack Advisory Group: The next big thing will be where we don’t call it “mobile commerce” any more, but begin to just call it “commerce”. Mobile will be recognized for what it is: one of multiple channels over which commerce is conducted. One of the most important and exciting ones for sure, but still one channel among several. Other channels include the PC-based Internet, IVRs, call centers, ATMS (for banks), and good old brick & mortar store fronts. New channels are coming in the future too as the ‘Internet of Things’ unfolds – the new Google Glass gives us a glimpse of that. Once retailers and service providers start to understand this omnichannel reality, we’ll start to see integrated product offerings where the customer experience is unified across all channels. So, for example, we’ll be able to start a transaction with a retailer at home on our laptops, then go to a physical store to collect the merchandise and pay for it via a mobile device. The system will know what our preferences are and what we’re doing in any channel at any given time, know just where we left off, and consequently give us with a much more seamless transaction experience from start to finish than is typical today.

Agus Tjandra, CEO and Founder, Lojai.com: Anything that could trigger instant and impulse decision. Auction, Pre-Order, eTicketing, Daily Deals & Group Buy will be the big things of mobile eCommerce.

What you look forward to listening to in this conference as speaker and as participant?

Tom Wills, Director, Ontrack Advisory Group: New ideas that will help me and everyone attending to navigate this ever expanding and accelerating business/technology landscape that we’re living with in 2013.

Agus Tjandra, CEO and Founder, Lojai.com: Mobile technology has gone through a major evolution for the past 5 years. It will be interesting to see the different updates and insight from the other players in the industry and sharing how they face and overcome challenges in the different countries.

What is the most important key issue for mobile e-commerce going forward and what you think we could accomplish with this conference in the various discussions?

Tom Wills, Director, Ontrack Advisory Group: I believe the most important unaddressed issue for m-commerce, one of the top ones anyway, is trust. To illustrate this, we know that about a third of people who don’t use mobile financial services cite security fears as the main thing holding them back. That translates to a massive number of unsigned potential customers, low (or zero) usage from existing registered customers, and ultimately a LOT of dollars left on the table. At the same time, criminal hackers are starting to become proficient at stealing money via the mobile channel, and are going at it full-on. Except for a few notable players (PayPal and Amazon come to mind), trust is not a conscious part of most organizations’ m-commerce product strategy. Instead, it is often assumed, or downplayed as something obvious. I believe trust needs to be explicitly developed and given very high priority as part of any mobile/online brand strategy, not only by banks, but retailers as well.

Agus Tjandra, CEO and Founder Lojai.com: For Indonesia, security is a problem especially for mobile payment. Slow data transfer is also a barrier to the technology.

Why is/what makes mobile a critical channel for air travel research/purchase?

Ewan Gray, Regional Director, Skyscanner: Mobile devices have become a research tool for all areas of ecommerce, it’s important to get in front of people whilst they are researching and not just at the time of purchase.

Your advice / views for companies that want to maximize mobile sales through creation of an optimal mobile user experience?

Tom Wills, Director, Ontrack Advisory Group: Two things:

(1) Unwaveringly follow the well-known maxims of simplicity, speed, and fun in your product design. Follow in Steve Jobs’ footsteps there and you won’t go wrong. But also put trust on an equal footing to these other elements. This is very simple conceptually, but hard to put into practice because trust (which translates to security) is often an opposing force to the others, meaning you need to make hard trade-off decisions with regard to product functionality. Too much security (for example when signing in users or during the payment process, will slow down the transaction and result in abandoned shopping carts and irritated customers who don’t come back. But not enough security will result in a very large number of customers who never show up in the first place. It’s a real balancing act to get this right!

(2) Start now to build a fully unified customer experience of your product across all service delivery channels that you’re employing. Unless you’re a pure-play mobile company, look at mobile as a key part of your universe, but not the whole universe. For many companies, this means breaking down organizational silos and having the teams that were historically responsible for these separate channels engage in a dialog with each other. Again, easier said than done as it can be quite political, especially in big MNCs, but this will increasingly be an imperative to keep abreast of your competition.

Ewan Gray, Regional Director, Skyscanner: 1) Go Native 2) Make sure you build in flexibility to adapt and change quickly because the market is and 3)get on with it

Our customers care about user experience and we believe a better experience can be delivered through a native app, you only have to read the reviews in app stores to see how much users care about functionality and experience

Agus Tjandra,CEO and Founder, Lojai.com: Augmented reality will be big in mobile user experience

ATTEND the conference to get more insights and perspectives!

Mobile E-Commerce Strategy 2013 Rating: 5.0 out of 5
Review By: Asher Russell Pte Ltd
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