MVNO Essentials Asia 2013

About The Event

The MVNO market is price sensitive, and customer experience management is of utmost importance. What vertical industry can better derive value and benefit from the MVNO business model? Will the financial services industry lead the way? What is the take on social networks and media entertainment markets?

In this event, we explore the many possibilities that the MVNO model can support and how data offerings must be enhanced to capture a greater slice of market.
How will operators achieve greater success with their MVNO strategies? Join us in this exciting event which will explore the crucial issues and key thrusts of the industry and market.


Exciting pivotal issues will be debated & discussed:

  • Understanding the MVNO game and stakes
  • Market dynamics in Asia
  • Understanding regulations of MVNOs
  • Market forces vs regulations and impact
  • Case studies on differentiation and value proposition
  • Developing an effective sales and distribution network and successful implementation
  • Exploring youth MVNO, and other core business models supported by MVNOs
  • Essential partnerships and alliances in the industry for success
  • Key principles for crafting effective wholesale agreements with incumbent operators and having acceptable commercial terms
  • Building the business model and effective access-to-customer strategies
  • Triple plays and MVNO success
  • Key things to know when developing strategies for targeting the target slice of market and providing service offerings that are well matched to customers
  • Penetrating new markets in Asia
  • Lessons from matured markets with an early entry gain vs. newer and competitive markets
  • Best approaches in building economies of scale in your market
  • Costs management within the MVNO
  • Role of MVNE
  • Successful strategies for pricing
  • SLA essentials and beyond
  • Partnerships experiences between MNO and MVNO


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We look forward to your active participation at this exciting event. As a stakeholder in this industry, we hope you will join us for an exciting time of forward thinking discussion.

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