Pre-filled Syringes 2013 - Next Generation delivery & safety

About the event

Pre-filled syringes – the next generation delivery and safety
Demand continues to grow for pre-filled syringes and the drug delivery and packaging sectors are expecting a huge boom in market size and growth potential to the tune of over $8 billion by the 2020s.

With the success of vaccines delivery system and drugs injected directly into the bloodstream, greater demand is expected of pre-filled syringes as the next generation delivery system. This event explores all the current challenges and mega opportunities in the industry and discusses future approaches and models for greater success and effectiveness.

Who will attend?
CEOs, COOs, CSOs, VPs, Heads, MDs, Scientists, Clinicians, Principal Scientists, Team leads and Project Managers involved in
- Vaccines, drug delivery, parental drug delivery, packaging, sterilization, devices, labelling, storage and process systems, pharma formulation, technical system, supply chain, regulatory affairs, quality control, device safety, drug discovery, contracting, product resourcing, pharma investments and product/device design.


Exciting highlights on topics:

  • New trends and emerging technology for safer delivery
  • Outsourcing opportunities, strategic decisions
  • Technological advancements in injectable delivery and current issues
  • Challenges in filling approaches
  • Market prospects and building sustainability for PFS as tomorrow’s delivery of system
  • Case studies from healthcare providers globally
  • What formulators need to know with regards to PFS design and functionality
  • Regulatory issues for PFS in the region
  • Safety evaluations and measures
  • Concepts to reduce particles in syringe barrels
  • Viability of high concentrated liquid formulations in PFS
  • Role of formulation in relation to stability and “injectivity”
  • Review of compatibility issues in PFS
  • Examining new materials for manufacturing


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We look forward to your active participation at this exciting event. As a stakeholder in this industry, we hope you will join us for an exciting time of forward thinking discussion.

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