Smart TV & Multi-Screen Strategies 2013

About The Event

Multi-screen viewership is happening now. It’s a matter of time when audience size builds up massively. By 2015, industry experts estimate that multi-screen viewing will increase exponentially to more than 15% of the total viewership base vis-à-vis big screen linear broadcasting viewing.

Advertisers by placing their message in the right environment targeted at the specific audience on the right platform will begin to realize greater profitability and enhance the power of their advertising and at the same time reduce wasted ad dollars. In this connected TV era, online ads will continue to grow as the multi-screen ecosystem presents immense opportunities for advertisers. Broadcasters, advertisers, content owners and producers, TV manufacturers are gearing up and changing strategies to tap into the increased exposure now available.

This event explores the key issues on investment prospects, technical roadmaps, technological innovations, market strategies, business models, audience scale & reach and new and exciting advertising innovations.   


Exciting pivotal issues will be debated & discussed:

  • What is the size and potential for advertising in this emerging space?
  • Opportunities in smart advertising
  • Emerging technologies for a more a standardized platform & technology
  • What is the future and widespread adoption that builds scale for advertisers?
  • What partnership models are ideal for broadcasters, advertisers, TV/Device manufacturers, producers?
  • As an ecosystem, what will encourage more investment by brands, advertiser & media buyer?
  • Monetizing strategies & approaches
  • What are the hindrances and how do we address these?
  • How can advertisers achieve a better count of their campaigns impressions and performance on multi-screens?
  • Interactive advertising models
  • Synchronized campaigns for advertisers
  • Innovations in building new experiences for the viewer consumer
  • Opportunity for commerce on multi-screen platforms
  • ROI on multi-screen advertising & smart TV


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